Online Giving

Giving Options:

Give through our e-pay account:  Saint Andrew’s has an e-giving account which allows one to pay one’s pledge and make other donations online. This service may be accessed at

Give by phone/email:  Contact Mark Hafley, Finance Administrator, at if you need more information.

Interested in completing a pledge card? Click the pdf form below:

pledge-card(to be printed out and completed, and sent to the church office or emailed to the Finance Administrator – email listed above.)

Why We Give To Saint Andrew’s – Thoughts from our Members

Linda and I believe fully that time, talent, AND treasure should be given St. Andrew’s as we build upon a strong congregation that will be the foundation for the next 150 years of service to our community. –  Chuck and Linda Hinton

We give to Saint Andrew’s because of the love we feel as part of the Saint Andrew’s community and knowing that our contribution helps spread the love of Christ in downtown Bryan, Brazos County and beyond.  Our giving is not because of any feelings of guilt or obligation, but it is an offering of thanksgiving for the joy we receive in being in communion with our Saint Andrew’s family.  We also try to keep our favorite comment from Father Hugh about stewardship in mind:  You know what the right pledge amount is when you have a smile on your face as you sign your pledge card.  He is absolutely right. — James & Alison Batenhorst

A Message about Giving from The Rev. Daryl T. Hay/September 2016

Each year in the fall Saint Andrew’s, and churches across the country, members are asked to make a pledge to the upcoming year’s budget.  Making a pledge is making a commitment. It is an act of faith, an act of trust, and it involves risk because it signifies the intention of contributing a certain amount of our money to the church despite the circumstance we may find ourselves in at a later time.  So not only do we trust the leaders of the church when make a contribution, when we pledge we trust that God will help support and sustain us while we work to fulfill our pledge.  Being a disciple of Jesus Christ involves trust and risk, but the rewards of this life include freedom and peace. Pledging as a practical matter also helps the treasurer, vestry, and rector plan next year’s budget.